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About Us

CaribHRForum Community is a volunteer-led website that's devoted to creating the best learning opportunities for Human Resource Professionals in the Caribbean. It's part of CaribHRForum which was started in 2003 by Francis Wade, an online group which connects almost one thousand HR practitioners. Membership is free. The site is sponsored by Framework Consulting.

Here is a 4 minute, 2008 video outlining the reasons why the forum was originally set up.


Why You Should Join

Sometimes technology comes to the rescue.

Our region's HR Professionals have struggled in the past decade to access opportunities for personal training and development. 

Weak Caribbean economies have led to budgets being slashed: "Training is always the first to be cut."

Perhaps it's fair to say that there is no group of employees which seek learning, growth and development more than HR Professionals. However, when annual priorities are set, only the most essential company training is allowed. Usually it's based on core skills the company can't do without.

Consequently, HR Professionals have been the last to receive training, left on their own to seek personal development opportunities.

Some have found a few online programmes, but they tend to be foreign and hard to apply. Others have sought overseas accreditation, but cultural and legal differences have made the learning experience jarring.

What would it be like to use the latest technology to bring together the region's HR Professionals and trainers so that we can develop and support each other?

It might give us the kind of synergy which transcends borders and budgets.

That's our mission this year (2020-21) at CaribHRForum Community.

Jump In

Don't wait another minute. The region's HR professionals are waiting inside CaribHRForum Community to partner with you in your development. 

Click the Request to Join link at the top, then complete your application. We'll request your name and profile picture as shown below,  then your email address and the answer to few simple questions.

When you're done, once your application is approved, you'll be a Trial Member and well on your way to a unique experience of growth and learning. See you on the inside!

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